River, sea and lake towns have normally possessed a unique yet relaxing charm. Tourists are extremely drawn to them because of the common good hospitality of the locals and the way culture is well preserved and presented in these unpretentious towns. If you have the desire to rest in the culturally-charged place, the wonderful town of Port Fairy fits the bill.

Lots of people compare the fantastic set up of Port Fairy to Natchez, Mississippi, meaning regardless of the size and also the neighbouring development, traditions stay alive, rich and strong which locals are very proud of. Based on travellers, the lands as well as waterscapes mostly create the appeal of this area. Associated by really nice colonial structures that many houses, business establishments as well as office buildings have, the place instantly creates a remarkable and timeless visual delight to tourists.

Most families in the area have a boat and homes have their own small docks for them; some of these families even provide relaxing boat rides to visitors who wish to completely experience all that Port Fairy has to offer. On warm months, these boat trips even include a quick dip in peaceful Moyne River before a backyard barbecue dish.

Port Fairy
People who are looking for a gastronomic adventure can get it in town also. There are posh cafrestaurants that serve typical Mediterranean-Italian foods and wine, Asian restaurants that provide savoury Chinese cuisine and also seafood take-away stores with fish as well as snacks, calamari, shrimp, and so many more. The variety of meal choices is extremely great; it’s best to just ignore dieting when in Port Fairy, if not, fighting the desire to give everything a shot will only ruin all the fun.

Colonial Architecture
The town centre is usually a favourite place for locals and visitors as well. There are plenty of lines of novelty stores that show the notable way of life of the place. Among the list of oft-visited stores is the Port Fairy Confectionery which sells sinfully great chocolate treats, toffee and nougat. All of these sweet treats are offered in a luxurious-looking box – excellent presents for loved ones back home. Individuals who are into antiques will definitely love the antique stores.

The products of which consist of genuine porcelain as well as silver tableware to crystal home decor, cigar container bags, jewellery, toys and other valuable collectibles. Females who are very fond of vintage and unique style, on the other hand, can go to the many apparel shops that highlight the designs of local designers.

Port Fairy is also a venue for lots of social as well as music festivals. Winter and summer are busy months due to the holidays. Travellers flock to Port Fairy for the Folk Music Festival which is known to regularly feature the country’s most favourite performers as well as representative musical acts from nearby countries.