River, sea and lake towns have normally possessed a unique yet relaxing charm. Tourists are extremely drawn to them because of the common good hospitality of the locals and the way culture is well preserved and presented in these unpretentious towns. If you have the desire to rest in the culturally-charged place, the wonderful town of Port Fairy fits the bill.

Lots of people compare the fantastic set up of Port Fairy to Natchez, Mississippi, meaning regardless of the size and also the neighbouring development, traditions stay alive, rich and strong which locals are very proud of. Based on travellers, the lands as well as waterscapes mostly create the appeal of this area. Associated by really nice colonial structures that many houses, business establishments as well as office buildings have, the place instantly creates a remarkable and timeless visual delight to tourists.

Most families in the area have a boat and homes have their own small docks for them; some of these families even provide relaxing boat rides to visitors who wish to completely experience all that Port Fairy has to offer. On warm months, these boat trips even include a quick dip in peaceful Moyne River before a backyard barbecue dish.

Port Fairy
People who are looking for a gastronomic adventure can get it in town also. There are posh cafrestaurants that serve typical Mediterranean-Italian foods and wine, Asian restaurants that provide savoury Chinese cuisine and also seafood take-away stores with fish as well as snacks, calamari, shrimp, and so many more. The variety of meal choices is extremely great; it’s best to just ignore dieting when in Port Fairy, if not, fighting the desire to give everything a shot will only ruin all the fun.

Colonial Architecture
The town centre is usually a favourite place for locals and visitors as well. There are plenty of lines of novelty stores that show the notable way of life of the place. Among the list of oft-visited stores is the Port Fairy Confectionery which sells sinfully great chocolate treats, toffee and nougat. All of these sweet treats are offered in a luxurious-looking box – excellent presents for loved ones back home. Individuals who are into antiques will definitely love the antique stores.

The products of which consist of genuine porcelain as well as silver tableware to crystal home decor, cigar container bags, jewellery, toys and other valuable collectibles. Females who are very fond of vintage and unique style, on the other hand, can go to the many apparel shops that highlight the designs of local designers.

Port Fairy is also a venue for lots of social as well as music festivals. Winter and summer are busy months due to the holidays. Travellers flock to Port Fairy for the Folk Music Festival which is known to regularly feature the country’s most favourite performers as well as representative musical acts from nearby countries.


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Conceptual design

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Architectural visualization

What is it?

Exterior visualization is a creation of construction object’s overall appearance which is maximum approximate to reality.

What do we need it for?

All images which have been received as a result of exterior design are used:

  1. at the stage of planning in order to understand the construction’s visual environment of a future building and the way it blends into the surrounding real estate development;
  1. in advertising brochures, presentations, etc. for object representation to prospective purchaser.

Who are the prime customers of exterior visualization?

The prime customers are architecture firms, developers, managing companies, advertising agencies, private customers.

What way do you work with clients from other cities and countries?

It is not important neither object orientation, nor client’s location area. Our staffs members can come to customer’s place communicate by telephone and electronic mail, using Skype, organize videoconference. We move with times and use in our work all modern methods of communication.

What kinds of materials are necessary for exterior visualization order?

Our company works with all materials. The most frequently these are complete construction documents (overall plan, external broach, etc.), but even if you have only ideas we will realize them. We use individual workflow philosophy to each of our clients, and in point of fact all object materials aren’t so important.

What materials does the customer get?

The Archiplot Company is used only public methods of work. We value and hold in high respect all our customers. We transfer not only construction object images to our clients, which is the basic product of exterior visualization, but three-dimensional model with all related materials.

What do we do when the customer needs to make overpatching into the model?

Such cases aren’t rare and we always meet the customers’ needs and make changes. And we do it free of charge.

Can the client control the whole process of exterior visualization work?

Yes, of cause. If the customer notes at important or difficult construction project sections during their modeling, the pre-images will be sent to a client for coordination.

What is the price of exterior visualisation?

First of all let’s mention peculiarities of our company Archiplot pricing policy. We don’t estimate cost on the basis of objects number which is given to a client. We estimate the price of the modeling project. The customer will get images in sufficient quantity and any angles. It is profitable to a client. If he needs additional images he won’t pay for them. The definite price for buildings 800 square metres will be 25 000 roubles. And the price more than 800 square metres will be calculated after getting acquainted with object.


architectural concepts

Our company produces high quality visualizations (3D exterior and interior renderings, architectural walk-through and fly through animations, prototyping and much else).

We’re fast, affordable and most of all, making each client to be pleased with the result and enjoy our cooperation is our main goal.

During the visualization process we like to keep our clients up to date on our progress so they know what the finished product will look like.

Architectural Services:

Customers’ favorites:

–         Conceptual design, drawings in AutoCAD 2D and 3D;

–         Construction documents, project administration and owners’ representation;

–         CAD conversions; millwork, metal and glazing shop drawings;

–         Optimization of the workflow by means of presenting array of graphics in areas of space planning, residential, commercial, and retail design and layout;

–         Vibrant exclusive renderings of conceptual design via Architectural Exterior, Landscape and Interior Visualization;

–         Installation and event management of outstanding accuracy;
–         Professional, timely and accurate field surveys in the NYC metropolitan and Tri-State area.

Complete the creation of 3d scenes including:

-3d Architectural Visualization.
-3d Design.
-3d modeling.
-High-resolution Renderigs.
-Objects for 3d printing.
-3d Environments.

Visualization and pre -visualization :

– transport,
– interiors,
– exteriors,
– industrial buildings ,
– different products , full architectural visualization , animation and VFX.

All for games :

Creation of hi-poly, low-poly characters and environments for video games, lokatsiy.Diffuse , Specular, AO, Normal maps, etc.

Programs that we use:

– Autodesk AutoCad.
– Autodesk 3ds Max.
– Pixologic ZBrush.
– e-on Vue.
– Eyeon Fusion.
– Adobe Photoshop.
– After Effects.
And all arsenal of useful plugins.
Rendering-MentalRay, Vray.

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Professional Rendering Services

Visualisation (from lat. visualis) is a transformation technique of invisible data in the form of optical image. Drawings, photographs, plans, diagrams and others are can be such images. Why so much attention is given to information representation in visual sight? It appears that our visual sense organs allow people to perceive more than 90% of outside received information. Studying the image of something we obtain the concept of object’s properties, such as structure, colour, solidness, etc.

According to object visualization technique it is divisible in one-/two- or three-dimensions. Until more recent times the most common method was two-dimensional visualization, when the object was displayed in a plane by way of graphical image or on-screen. With the development of computer technology over the past two decades all objects’ visualization techniques took a step into three-dimensional space and appeared 3D rendering.

Architectural Services

The mission of studio is that every idea must be conceptual, stylish, expensive, exactly to arouse clients’ and investors’ interest in it, in order to appeal to developers. Only three-dimensional visualization can accentuate to the better side of project. For creation of such a unique image is needed a high technological and mental level, creative and innovative thinking, and also a precise understanding of object structure, its geometry and special arrangement. Everything that our architectural visualization studio is can propose. The focus area of our team is architectural rendering.
Architectural visualization transferred into computer integrated 3D today, and so into the space, which empowers to present a future object in its three-dimensional space. In simple words let’s imagine that we are appearing in a beautiful city now, many cars are driving in the streets, people are drinking coffee, the wind is rustling the leaves on the trees, etc. We are going along the street, changing sides, turning the corner, coming into the basement courtyard, where water is babbling in the fountain, and from this place we can see the room or office interior. It is possible to get near to it and examine all details as furniture, wallpaper design. We can drop inside the building. You can go through all corridors and to see the scene from the window. Everything can be seen on the screen. Such object representation allows to potential clients and investors integrate all necessary corrections before the groundbreaking, check all calculations once more, add necessary elements or get otiose off.

architectural concepts
We can conveniently classify Architectural Rendering  into such types as exterior visualization, interior visualization and architectural animation.
Exterior rendering afford an opportunity to investor and customer to observe the future construction or multi-buildings from the architect’s visual sight. Every serious project is used 3D modeling of external environment today. Several moments are needed to be taken into account. They are environmental withstand (desert, forest, snow, when using different visualization techniques), scale of gradations, creating environment (windows’ reflections, trees, grass, shadows on the grass and others), the choice of necessary image perspective. Exterior visualization demonstrates the whole object’s view, the way it harmonizes with landscape and buildings in neighborhood. During the project’s creation there appears a situation sometimes, when it isn’t the same as our expectations and we have the opportunity to do all necessary changings and correction data.

3D architecture graphics helps us to perceive the participation effect onsite, which is impossible neither with drawings, nor with sketches. 3D rendering in the panorama’s form will allow viewers to have an experience of inside space (of a house, of a building and others). Design is a conceptual idea, which an architect can suggest taking into account customer’s wishes. Furniture selection and arrangement is conducted, and also empirical identification of walls colour scale, textile fabrics, accessories. All above mentioned is associated with style, functionality and many other laws or rules. Then interior design is implemented according to special designer’s drawings, photographs and sketches, which a visualizer lines up into the eviction copy of accommodation, furniture, design elements and lighting in three-dimensional space. Lodging is can be examined in different angles, in daily or night-time lighting. It is possible to show clearly materials structure as glass, wood, fabric, plastic. Such image can be seen by customers and investors, and after that they are able to make corrections and accept a decision. And only after that the real estate development or object renovation begins.

Architectural visualization
Architectural animation is a creation of advertising animation film or the film with advertisement and presentation, which shows at length architectural project’s features as its infrastructure, interior and exterior. More often architectural animation is named as 3D animation. The initiatory step in architectural animation is exterior design and then interior visualization according to chosen scenario. The creation basis of animation clips is construction documents (overall plan, angle drift, space specification, etc.).
All architectural rendering advantages are evident both private actor and developers. Such technology allows us to examine and estimate the project even before the major work catching the interest of potential investors and customers.

When you work with rendering company you obtain:

• highly qualified specialists in the area of architectural object visualization;
• accurateness of architectural concepts implementation;
• taking into consideration all customer preferences;
• exact fulfillment of treaty obligations;
• flexible pricing policy;
• the work on discrete target specification;
• transparent pricing.

Professional Architectural Services

Extensive experience in Architecture, Construction and Project Management, Millworking, Architectural metal and glazing. We guarantee the highest quality in fulfilling our clients’ requirements from the initial stages of the projects through successful and timely completion.

Among our projects are stunning renovations of Manhattan landmarks and design of inviting living spaces, cozy kitchens and breathtaking penthouses, ultramodern clubs and multilevel trade show exhibits.  We tend to under-promise and over-deliver in making your dreams come true.


Conceptual design

Customers’ favorites:

• Conceptual design, drawings in AutoCAD 2D and 3D;
• Construction documents, project administration and owners’ representation;
• CAD conversions; millwork, metal and glazing shop drawings;
• Optimization of the workflow by means of presenting array of graphics in areas of space planning, residential, commercial, and retail design and layout;
• Vibrant exclusive renderings of conceptual design via Architectural Exterior, Landscape and Interior Visualization;
• Installation and event management of outstanding accuracy;

Architectural Rendering

architecture rendering

3d Modeling

3d modeling

Interior Visualization

intrior rendering

Architectural Plan Rendering

architectural plan render

Architectural Services

Architectural Design

3d 360 Panorama

3d panorama

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