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Visualisation (from lat. visualis) is a transformation technique of invisible data in the form of optical image. Drawings, photographs, plans, diagrams and others are can be such images. Why so much attention is given to information representation in visual sight? It appears that our visual sense organs allow people to perceive more than 90% of outside received information. Studying the image of something we obtain the concept of object’s properties, such as structure, colour, solidness, etc.

According to object visualization technique it is divisible in one-/two- or three-dimensions. Until more recent times the most common method was two-dimensional visualization, when the object was displayed in a plane by way of graphical image or on-screen. With the development of computer technology over the past two decades all objects’ visualization techniques took a step into three-dimensional space and appeared 3D rendering.

Architectural Services

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Architectural visualization

What is it?

Exterior visualization is a creation of construction object’s overall appearance which is maximum approximate to reality.

What do we need it for?

All images which have been received as a result of exterior design are used:

  1. at the stage of planning in order to understand the construction’s visual environment of a future building and the way it blends into the surrounding real estate development;
  1. in advertising brochures, presentations, etc. for object representation to prospective purchaser.

Who are the prime customers of exterior visualization?

The prime customers are architecture firms, developers, managing companies, advertising agencies, private customers.

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About 3D Modeling

Three-dimensional modeling (3d graphics) is used in different fields of activity. Certainly, the first is construction. It may be a model of a future house, as private, so high-rise apartments block, office building and any industrial facilities. In addition visualization is used actively in interior projects design.

3D models are very popular in sites’ creation. A number of people who are developing sites add not only graphical models, but three-dimensional and even animated. 3D technologies and programs are widely used in production. For example, in particle board furniture production and in construction in order to create a photorealist interior design project of a future room. Many construction people haven’t used rulers and pencils long since but modern computer programs. Other companies are developing new technologies gradually and most of all industrial and commercial.
Certainly, three-dimensional models are used only for the purposes of demonstration. They are irreplaceable for presentations, exhibitions and also used upon anvil with clients, when there is a necessity to show the visual conclusive result. As well as three-dimensional modeling techniques are necessary where it is important to show volume of finished projects, and objects which were existed long time ago. 3D modeling is not only a future but past and present. Read More