Conceptual design

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Architectural visualization

What is it?

Exterior visualization is a creation of construction object’s overall appearance which is maximum approximate to reality.

What do we need it for?

All images which have been received as a result of exterior design are used:

  1. at the stage of planning in order to understand the construction’s visual environment of a future building and the way it blends into the surrounding real estate development;
  1. in advertising brochures, presentations, etc. for object representation to prospective purchaser.

Who are the prime customers of exterior visualization?

The prime customers are architecture firms, developers, managing companies, advertising agencies, private customers.

What way do you work with clients from other cities and countries?

It is not important neither object orientation, nor client’s location area. Our staffs members can come to customer’s place communicate by telephone and electronic mail, using Skype, organize videoconference. We move with times and use in our work all modern methods of communication.

What kinds of materials are necessary for exterior visualization order?

Our company works with all materials. The most frequently these are complete construction documents (overall plan, external broach, etc.), but even if you have only ideas we will realize them. We use individual workflow philosophy to each of our clients, and in point of fact all object materials aren’t so important.

What materials does the customer get?

The Archiplot Company is used only public methods of work. We value and hold in high respect all our customers. We transfer not only construction object images to our clients, which is the basic product of exterior visualization, but three-dimensional model with all related materials.

What do we do when the customer needs to make overpatching into the model?

Such cases aren’t rare and we always meet the customers’ needs and make changes. And we do it free of charge.

Can the client control the whole process of exterior visualization work?

Yes, of cause. If the customer notes at important or difficult construction project sections during their modeling, the pre-images will be sent to a client for coordination.

What is the price of exterior visualisation?

First of all let’s mention peculiarities of our company Archiplot pricing policy. We don’t estimate cost on the basis of objects number which is given to a client. We estimate the price of the modeling project. The customer will get images in sufficient quantity and any angles. It is profitable to a client. If he needs additional images he won’t pay for them. The definite price for buildings 800 square metres will be 25 000 roubles. And the price more than 800 square metres will be calculated after getting acquainted with object.